Thursday, August 27, 2009

More beautiful hair.

OK. I couldn't figure out how to get Picasa to let me put two pictures in one post. But, doesn't the headband really help her look better?

I DO fix Victoria's hair every day, but this is what I get to start with. Fun, huh?
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What do you look lke first thing in the morning?

Shelly, I love all your cute pictures of Bella and her great hair. But, this is how Victoria looks when she first gets up. Remind you of anyone? I didn't know there was such a thing as bed head genes. But, I guess so! She and her Mama both need lots of help in the mornings!

But wait, there's more! While I was busy, she did her hair all by herself!
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She just loves her baths so much...

Victoria is SUCH a water baby! The other night, she jumped right in the tub with David, clothes and all. Man, that was a FULL diaper. This isn't even the first time she has done this. She loves to take a bath with big brother. They really are bosom buddies.
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Excited Much?

This is Katherine right before school started. Can you tell she just LOVES school? I hope she doesn't kill me when she sees this on my blog!
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