Friday, February 13, 2009

We are not dead,

No, we are not dead. We have just been sick with a stomach flu for two very long weeks. So, I haven't been posting lately. It's official. All 6 of us got the bug and we have been pretty miserable in shifts.

But, I think we are about better. The only thing is, David's "tummy hurts", all the time. No other symptoms, but he sure gets UPSET! Nothing like a screaming 6 year old! He REALLY doesn't want to go to school, either. I am beginning to wonder if he is having some anxiety issues. Any suggestions?

I have made an appointment with the school counselor, just to cover my bases, but I have no idea if she can help. I am losing faith in our school's ability to help find solutions to problems that are not EXTREME. Poor "normal" kids seem to get the short end of the stick. Only the really obnoxious kids get help. But, I will try that avenue and see what happens. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

These are a few shots of the kids with our friends, the Davises. Katherine loves to play with Leah. They were rolling down the hill and I just couldn't get a great shot of that, but they sure are great models, anyways! David was trying to open a water bottle. Look out, juice boxes, here he comes! He also played with Benjamin, who also loves o get his picture taken. I did manage to snag a shot of Cameron (but without Isaac) I am always amazed at how photogenic he is when I just catch him having fun. But, he also looks so old here. Is he really already 10?

I am so grateful for good friends. My family is so blessed to know good people who are sure fabulous influences on us.
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I do have more than one child.

We have been super busy trying to fight off this creeping crud stomach flu that we are so generously sharing right now. However, I have really been wanting to post pictures of Cameron, Katherine, and David.

So here are a few shots of them at the library. Yes, Katherine loves to cross her eyes! They really didn't want to pose for these shots, so I ket them have a goofy one. But, the boys were too blurry. So I cut them out. Boy, am I lovin' Picasa!

Anyways, my boys always head straight to the comics when we walk in. That is what they are poring over in this shot. (No, that's not ALL they get!) I just love my bookworms!

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