Thursday, August 27, 2009

More beautiful hair.

OK. I couldn't figure out how to get Picasa to let me put two pictures in one post. But, doesn't the headband really help her look better?

I DO fix Victoria's hair every day, but this is what I get to start with. Fun, huh?
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  1. It is a miracle you do post!! I think she is cute regardless of what state her hair is in the morning - mine has to be in a ponytail or it looks very similar to that! I am so glad you posted. Hope the start of school was good for everyone!

  2. oh my goodness...nothing and then 4 did I get so lucky???
    I love seeing your kids on here - it helps me feel like I know what is going on :)

    Your baby is adorable! Bed head and all :)

  3. School has had its ups and downs. Lots of excitement and anxiety. But, I think we are getting the hang of things.

  4. I love it and Aurora must share that gene because really I could take the same picture only in blond! Also........ HAllelujah!!! You posted!!!