Tuesday, January 27, 2009

This is her morning celebration. Dad's special pancake in the shape of a one with a candle. She had no idea what to do with that candle. I thought for sure she would burn herself. But she was soooo sleepy still. She's not a morning person. (Just like me, whoops!) I guess we could have given her a few more minutes to wake up, but as soon as she was awake, the kids wanted to SING!

What do you think of her outfit for church? Brad made fun of it, saying ot looked like a punk rocker from the early 80's. I thought it was darling!

I can't believe she is a whole year already! Victoria, you bring so many blessings to our family. Thank you for your gentle ways and sweet spirit. You are adored!

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  1. You have a blog! Wahoo! I am so excited-now I can follow along and know what is going on in your life. YEAH!