Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Victoria's Birthday Dinner

This is supposed to be a video of Victoria's birthday dinner. (If I can ever figure out how to do such a thing!) We had Brad's parents and siblings over that night. We so wish all our family could have come, but our house was busting at the seams with 19 people! A good time was had by all, I hope.

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  1. From the looks of it she had a great day! So sorry that her present is late! Just think she will have something else to love later on and will never know the difference! Wish I had been able to come and celebrate with you but it is so fun to see pictures - I am so glad you decided to blog!

  2. Don't worry about her present. She will love it whenever she gets it. That's the great thing about inly being one. The big DAY really doesn't matter much to her. Thanks so much. I love you.