Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I do have more than one child.

We have been super busy trying to fight off this creeping crud stomach flu that we are so generously sharing right now. However, I have really been wanting to post pictures of Cameron, Katherine, and David.

So here are a few shots of them at the library. Yes, Katherine loves to cross her eyes! They really didn't want to pose for these shots, so I ket them have a goofy one. But, the boys were too blurry. So I cut them out. Boy, am I lovin' Picasa!

Anyways, my boys always head straight to the comics when we walk in. That is what they are poring over in this shot. (No, that's not ALL they get!) I just love my bookworms!

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  1. They are definitely your children - with all the reading I mean. I love that picture of Katherine - there is not ever enough silly pictures of kids.