Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Favorite Hiding Places?

Do your kids have favorite hiding places? Victoria is 15 months old and LOVES to hide things under the area rug in the living room. We have tile, so stepping onto the rug, only to find something hard underneath is a bit painful. Let's see. The latest finds... a half eaten lollipop (from Easter), a string of beads, a jellybean, a pencil, 1/4 of a bagel, a book, a Hot Wheels car, and giant legos. I guess I should add checking under the whole rug every day to our list of cleaning chores! I am just a little scared about what might be next.

I know kids this age love to take out and put in, but this is no container! And she doesnt seem to be saving it for later, because she never goes back for things. Weird!

Does anyone else have a kid that stashes stuff? Where?


  1. That is so funny! Maybe she thinks it is her space!

  2. OK, Donna how can I keep up with the ins and outs of your family if you don't blog? Hey, I even blog every once in a while!
    Love, Mama