Monday, September 7, 2009

Our Labor Day

We had a fantastic day today.

This morning we had breakfast with the whole Leavitt clan at a nearby park. There was fresh scrambled eggs, bacon, donuts and juice. Plenty of good food to go around.

Everyone also brought sports equipment. So, we could play soccer, volleyball, kick ball, frisbee, football, baseball and even lacrosse. But, by far the favorite activity of the morning was the water balloon, water gun and just water-in-any-container-we-can-lay-our-hands-on fight. Forget all the sports stuff. We all can home wet and happy. And pretty dirty. Baths for all followed.

Then, Mom went to get a tire on the van replaced so we didn't have a second flat tire. Oh well. Just something that HAD to get done, even if we didn't really wanna mess with that today.

Then, we got to see the Ball clan at Shelly's house. I am so glad we made it. Meeting Bella was magical. She is such a precious child.

And it was so nice to see Asia and her little family before they run off to Germany. They will be so missed. I am so glad she is a diligent blogger, unlike me!

We again had lots of yummy food, BBQ and corn and salads and on and on, of course!

We came home this time full and tired and so happy that we have so may loved ones to share a fun day with. I am so grateful for the love of family. What a blessing.


  1. Yea for you! Thanks for rubbing all that family happiness in my face right after I told you how we'd love to get together with family on holidays like today!!!
    I'll overlook it since you and Brad were so kind to us this morning...
    Love you!!!

  2. We are so glad that y'all made it out. We loved having you over! AND You blogged!! Yippee!! :) It can't get better than this!